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Growing Your Business With Virtual Assistants

Hiring A Virtual Assistant-Things to Consider..

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Hiring A Virtual Assistant-Things to Consider Still tying up loose ends on how to start your virtual assistant campaign to hire a virtual assistant?  I’m sure by now you know someone in your circle who has hired a VA and is happy about it.  Have you done your research already on the “what if’s” around and the “pros and cons” of hiring a virtual assistant for your real estate investing business?  Our Real Estate Virtual Assistants (REVA) have helped many business owners in so many ways there is ...
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Should I Hire a Virtual Assistant?

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Should I Hire a Virtual Assistant? Should I hire a virtual assistant?  A very common question.  What benefits do you get when you hire a virtual assistant?  We all know that time is the most important element in a business.  The 80%-20% rule does generally apply.  Only 20% of your output produces 80% of your profit.  Multi-tasking is a myth.  What you are actually doing is switching tasks and research has shown that multi-tasking or task-switching can be harmful to your health.  Now, health is ...
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What Is A Real Estate Virtual Assistant?  Part 1

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What Is A Real Estate Virtual Assistant? Part 1 In this post we are going to discuss what is a real estate virtual assistant.  A real estate virtual assistant (REVA) provides assistance in administrative tasks such as paper work, online marketing, data entry, phone calls, market research, pulling comps, website maintenance and management, etc., specifically trained for real estate professionals. Virtual Assistants work remotely from the comfort of their home or office space, working on task ...
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