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Do Less, Make More – Hire a Virtual Assistant Today!

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a highly trained/skilled independent contractor who are working remotely from the comfort of their home office in support of your business. They provide administrative assistance for tasks such as creating paper work/contracts, posting properties for sale, research, COMPS, due diligence, database management and input, building your buyers list, creating videos, online marketing such as posting ads, press releases, news articles, and blogging, data entry, phone calls, website maintenance, CRM management such as with RealeFlow, and much more.

I haven’t used a VA before. How’s it work and what’s the process?

Basically VAs are highly trained assistants that can perform tasks that you either don’t know how to do, don’t have time to do or you don’t want to do, that free up your time to focus on revenue generating tasks such as looking at houses, making offers and generating more private money. Everything else can be deligated to a highly trained Real Estate Virtual Assistant.

How do I track VA working hours?

Your VA is required to send daily Log-in and End of Day reports via email. All of their tasks will be recorded on a Google Spreadsheet that will also be shared with you. You can also choose to share it on Dropbox. This way you can check all their outputs anytime as long as you have an internet connection. The VAs are also required to be online on Skype during their working hours so that you can chat or call them anytime. We also have a Manager in charge to check their attendance and check their daily output. In case you have questions or concerns about your VAs, the manager and the support team are always there to assist you.

Do the VAs speak good English?

Yes, the VAs are pre-screened and speak very good English. Most of the VAs come from a booming BPO industry in the Philippines and have had extensive customer service and technical support training. Some of them came from a Customer Support company, Technical Support company, Telemarketing company, Email Support Company and other sort of BPO’s industry. We are very confident of their communication skills. You may also request an interview of the potential candidates prior to hiring them.

How do I know my information and intellectual property are protected and secure?

We consider your privacy and information security the MOST IMPORTANT factor in building our relationship with our clients. Prior to employment, the VAs are oriented and go thru extensive training and are required to read the rules and regulation of the company and we have them sign a Non-disclosure Agreement.

How do you pay your VA?

Payment will be made through www.Paypal.com and is free to set up an account.