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Hiring A Virtual Assistant-Things to Consider..

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Hiring A Virtual Assistant-Things to Consider

Still tying up loose ends on how to start your virtual assistant campaign to hire a virtual assistant?  I’m sure by now you know someone in your circle who has hired a VA and is happy about it.  Have you done your research already on the “what if’s” around and the “pros and cons” of hiring a virtual assistant for your real estate investing business?  Our Real Estate Virtual Assistants (REVA) have helped many business owners in so many ways there is just no single word to define their contribution to the business community.  Finding the right VA to work for you is a plus factor for your success.

The relationship between the REVA and a client is a partnership.

Like all partnership, it has two or more parties involved.  If one party fails to perform either by collaborating, neglect or simply by misinforming another party can lead to failure.  There are a lot of independent VA contractors out there who offer cheap services, but what is their guarantee of delivery?  More than just the price of the VA service is important, you should consider the skills and expertise of the Virtual Assistant before hiring a Virtual assistant.

Here are few things to consider when hiring a Virtual Assistant:

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Getting your life back is one of the major things many investors consider when hiring a Virtual Assistant.
  • Skill-set/ Product Knowledge

Skill-set, experience and expertise are critical to success?  Will the VA be able to meet your daily, weekly and monthly tasks?  Be specific when assigning/delegating tasks to your VA.

The VA that you hire must have sufficient knowledge in the business that you are in.  Always remember, your VA is an extension of yourself.  Hiring a VA without the proper skill-set and product knowledge would mean you would have to conduct more training with the VA on all the basics of your needs.  But to be clear, the business owner will always have to conduct some training with your VA on the specifics of your business.

  • Request For A List of VA’s That You Can Interview

Each VA has a different skill-set, experience and expertise.  Requesting a list of available VAs to interview and handpicked from will certainly improve the quality of VA that you hire.

  • Working Hours

It is important that you and your VA can work together on an agreeable time for proper reporting and communication.  It is imperative that the VA’s progress is checked on a time that is convenient for you and your VA.

  • Request a Work Portfolio

Samples are very important if your tasks require specialization.  For example, writing marketing materials or email correspondence.  Everybody can write, but not everybody can create an attention grabber subject-line and story.

  • You Get What You Pay For

Cheapest is not always the best!  In fact, in most cases it’s not.  Know the value of your money.  Independent contractors may provide cheaper service but cannot guarantee quality and assurance of project or of staff.  The purpose of hiring a VA is to save time and so you don’t have to redo things.

  • One Step at a Time

Always keep an open mind that your VA might not work out for you.  Feed them small tasks to start with, one at a time.  See what their potential is before assigning bigger tasks.  Take it one step at a time.

See this Huffington Post article for more details.

When you’re ready to to get your Real Estate Virtual Assistant started, fill out our short form HERE and we’ll be in touch with your shortly.  We look forward to getting our REVA set-up and helping you grow your business.

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