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Should I Hire a Virtual Assistant?

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Should I Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Should I hire a virtual assistant?  A very common question.  What benefits do you get when you hire a virtual assistant?  We all know that time is the most important element in a business.  The 80%-20% rule does generally apply.  Only 20% of your output produces 80% of your profit.  Multi-tasking is a myth.  What you are actually doing is switching tasks and research has shown that multi-tasking or task-switching can be harmful to your health.  Now, health is the second most important element in business.  If it takes away your health, it takes away your time; if it takes away your time, it takes you away from your business.

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Research Shows-

Guy Winch, PhD, author of Emotional First Aid said “When it comes to attention and productivity, our brains have a finite amount”.  In 2008, a study at The University of Utah suggests that multi-tasking doesn’t really save time, in fact it takes you even longer to finish it.  Our minds can only focus on certain task at a time.  It is best that we do things in batches.  Experts also say that multi-tasking or task-switching not only reduces productivity by 40% it also introduces work to errors.  Study shows that the brain can handle two different tasks at a time without problem as it has two lobes. A third tasks however may overload the brain.  This could cause certain errors that be critical to your business.  Improve your focus on that productive 20%.  Get started on working on what you do best.  Let somebody else do the 80% of your business.

Hire a Virtual Assistant –

Specifically, a Real Estate Virtual Assistant (REVA) and improve your business by hiring help.  Hiring a REVA can be very productive and cost efficient.  They can take care of any back office or administrative tasks that takes you away from what you do best.  Remember, VAs can only do so much.  They’re human beings too, so let them focus on what needs to be done most.  Identify the areas in your business that you think is pulling you away most often from your clients/customer.  Assign or delegate 2-3 tasks that you think can greatly improve your business and free up your time to do more important tasks.  Hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant can be such a wonderful addition to your team and best of all, they are very economical.  No more worries of training, office space, health benefits, taxes and transportation.  VAs are adaptable and flexible.  They can work for you on a time you think is most productive for your day.

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