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What Is A Real Estate Virtual Assistant?  Part 1

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What Is A Real Estate Virtual Assistant? Part 1

In this post we are going to discuss what is a real estate virtual assistant.  A real estate virtual assistant (REVA) provides assistance in administrative tasks such as paper work, online marketing, data entry, phone calls, market research, pulling comps, website maintenance and management, etc., specifically trained for real estate professionals.

Virtual Assistants work remotely from the comfort of their home or office space, working on task you assign to them.

There’s a lot of ads for virtual assistant services online these days, but it is best to remember that they come with many different skill sets and levels, but most of them will have no specific training to support real estate investors.

How Real Estate Virtual Assistants Can Help You?virtual assistants,what is a real estate virtual assistant, hiring a virtual assistant

The short answer is… almost anything that can be done online or with a phone, your REVA can help you with.

While it is true that the role of virtual assistants has grown from secretarial and general administrative services, there are now literally dozens of specializations VA’s advertise service for, market research, scheduling, logistics, legal research, data entry, bookkeeping, social media, internet marketing, web development and programming, web SEO, and much more.

So, when you think about, what is a real estate virtual assistant (REVA), you can think of a REVA as an extension to of your office, as your remote office assistant, a person that you can delegate tasks to that:

You are not good at:  Some investors are great at doing deals but not with generating and managing the paperwork.  A REVA can manage these things without getting bored – it is what they do for a living!

You are too busy to do yourself:  What is your time worth?  At some point your rates would be far too high to spend time entering data yourself.  Eventually, there will be more work than you can effectively handle, the logical answer may be to hire a REVA.

You don’t want to do:  There are many things to do, to effectively run a real estate investing business and many of them are fun to do and many of them we just plain don’t like to do.  For some that may be filing, answering phone calls, or even engaging in social media.  There are REVA’s out there who enjoy the tasks we hate to do.

Benefits Of Hiring A Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Reduce stress.  It can be quite stressful to do certain tasks which, though they need to be done, you do not really enjoy doing.  It just ruins the rest of the day for you.  The good news is that you don’t have to be the one to do it! Some virtual assistants enjoy doing the types of work that you dislike.

You can expect VA’s to have the skills, training, competence, office space, and equipment to handle the tasks you ask them to do.

Pay only for the time used.  You only need to provide them a contract and to pay for services rendered.

VA’s don’t have to be provided with the usual employee benefit package which usually include social security, insurance, HMO, vacation leave, sick leave, etc.

You also don’t need to worry about keeping a VA busy, or about employees wasting time in social media sites.

A VA can provide almost all the services an onsite admin assistant or personal assistant does, without all the hassles.

Just don’t expect a VA to give you back rubs online – technology has advanced a lot, but not that much!

In Part 2, we’ll continue talking about What is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant and talk about who can use a Virtual Assistant and why you should consider hiring a virtual assistant so check back frequently for Part 2….

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