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What Is A Real Estate Virtual Assistant? Part 2

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What Is A Real Estate Virtual Assistant? Part 2

In Part 1, we addressed what is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant and how they can help your business.  To learn more read below…..

Who Can Use A Virtual Assistant?

Another way of appreciating the definition of a virtual assistant is to list some of the people who benefit from their services, such as:

An online business owner who neither has the time nor the skills to navigate the complexities of online marketing and SEO can sure use the help of a VA.  There are VA’s who can create and maintain websites, create videos, podcasts, landing pages, auto responders, or draft and post articles to improve your SEO ranking, etc.

Businessmen who want to get their message across to their target market in an efficient and effective manner usually hire VA’s to create newsletters, articles, advertisements, and the like for them. While some are perfectly capable of producing good copy, their time is much too valuable.

The doctor who needs to get his patient records transcribed, but does not have the time, or patience, to do it himself.  It is interesting that though most medical records are transcribed from voice recordings, some are still from hand-written notes; it takes expertise to be able to read most doctors’ scribbles!

Then of course there are those who need basic secretarial services like email drafting, phone answering, data entry, and filing. Secretarial services make up the bulk of VA contracts but, as we have shown, VA’s can do a lot more.

Why You Should Consider Hiring A Virtual Assistant?

real estate virtual assistant,what is a virtual assistant, hiring a virtual assistant, virtual assistant servicesWith the ease with which a REVA can get things done for an employer without involving a large cash outlay, the more appropriate question is why not?

A Virtual Assistant can be used to handle both periodic and unplanned work surges.

Their services are immediately available; no need to wait for medical screening, compliance with government regulations, purchase of furniture, equipment and supplies.  Best of all hiring a virtual assistant allows you to dip your toes without much cost.

If you’re not satisfied with the results you simply terminate your contract with your VA or hire a new one.

Virtual Assistant VS. Employee

By now you should have a better understanding of exactly what is a real estate virtual assistant and the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant versus an employee should be very clear. Employees require a workspace, need to be provided equipment, supplies, insurance, social security, vacation pay, HMO coverage, etc.; all you need to give a VA is a contract and payment for services rendered.  The difference is obvious.

One other advantage of virtual assistants over physical employees is that discrimination is taken out of the picture entirely.

As contractors, VA’s are paid for results – almost the way you would define the phrase “merit based pay.”

Whether the VA is male, female, tall, short, it does not matter.  They operate on a level playing field those corporations hiring lots of physical onsite employees can only dream about.

The term ‘workplace tensions’ does not apply or, at the very least, the VA does not contribute to it.

The next time you think about needing help, wanting your life back, think about hiring a real estate virtual assistant.

Do Less… Make More…. Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Today!

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